Can your hands vibrate up to thousands of pulsations per minute for deep cleansing? No. You need this in your life. PERFECTLY CLEAN SKIN EVERYTIME.


This revolutionary SKINWANDTM gently removes makeup, impurities and pollution whilst stimulating micro circulation and collagen production, leaving skin cleaner, clearer, more youthful in appearance and perfectly primed for subsequently applied products.


Suitable for all skin types, this SKIN WAND has been specifically designed to be used with Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser, it can also be used with other bead-free cleansers.


  • To use, apply Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser onto dampened skin, press the button on the handle for 1 second to activate the device, then keep pressing the button to choose your preferred intensity. Gently massage the silicone bristles in a circular motion all over face and neck working on one area at a time – forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck.

    The device will pause every 20 seconds reminding you to move on to another facial area and will automatically switch off after 2 minutes of use signalling the completion of the cleansing process. Rinse treated area thoroughly with water and continue with your skincare regime.

    Once finished, store your SKINWANDTM in the shower for ease and convenience. Charge conveniently via USB and use for up to 3 months before recharging.

    For device specifications and care information, please refer to the included product pamphlet.

  • 3.7V Lithium-ion battery 220mAh
    Charging time 60 minutes
    Working time 100 minutes
    Rechargeable using USB cable supplied
    Waterproof IPX5 - can be used in shower
    Soft touch silicone
    Soft touch switch

    12 month warranty from date of purchase